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      Game fixes.   01/10/18

      Good day runners.~
      We've noticed not all of the community has access to Discord, these fixes are available there - and now here to help all of you.                       Solutions to xtrap will be blue, missing files will be in red, bugs will be purple, problems in game will be in green, server/network issue will be in yellow for easy navigation.

      PLEASE NOTE; SOME THINGS ARE BUGGED OR NOT USABLE IN GAME DUE TO REMOVAL. - Arin is not available in game, some users have it because arin was a feature in game in the past and has not yet been removed from those accounts. Some equipment/gear in alchemy is uncraftable , you may be able to ask the Admin to send those items to you if you prove you have all materials necessary if the set is in the Database. The store in game is mainly bugged, the admin's are working to fix this so please be patient. "Newbie Quest" is a feature in game, yet it is bugged and cannot be completed. The "Megaphones" you receive from boxes and capsules to use the function SHOUT are bugged - the only usable ones are the megas you can purchase from the IG shop. As you level up, you receive an in-game level box you can find in your room. That box is slightly bugged, there is a forum post dedicated to being sent them incase they disappear! XCODE FIXES
      08:0400: Right click your main-exe file, and change your compatibility mode to windows 8, when the prompt opens on your computer - run the game in the windows of your computer, not the compatibility you changed main.exe to.
      10:0300-10:0400- Double-check you have NO firewall or antivirus active. (Yes I know this is strange, I promise it won't do anything bad to disable it.) If that does not work, please contact me or one of the other admins.   MISSING FILES
      Sometimes your antivirus (when turned on) can delete some of your files in game, you can download them all below. 'Cannot find game file main.exe'
      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/400023938706702346/400096195126624256/main.exe 'Unable to load loginprompt'
      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/395762625801224193/395770378678566913/gltr.zip 'Unable to find the hosts file in system32>drives>etc'
      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/389958838314336256/390220744430452736/hosts To fix those errors, download and extract the files into your main game folder. For the hosts error,  download the file and put it in the destined position I mentioned above. system 32>drivers>etc and save normally without a text document. Proceed to open game afterwards, error should be gone if done correctly.   SERVER/NETWORK IS HAVING AN ISSUE.
      This is due to having us blocking some ips from the server due to frequent mishaps, please contact me or one of the other Admins to get this resolved. (You may also use a VPN if you'd rather not speak to us.)   IN GAME ??? WHILE IN YOUR ROOM: This is due to your system locale, changing your locale will NOT affect your computer or systems in any-way. To fix, go to your control panel>region>admins>change system locale(unicode program) to korean. If done correctly; it'll ask you to reboot your computer. MISSING MAPS/CHARACTERS: I've lately seen alot of players with this error, you're likely to get kicked out of maps saying unable to load, or not equip any gear/sets on your characters.  To fix this, make sure to run your main.exe or launcher you're using as administrator. Right click your main.exe or launcher>compatibility>run this program as an administator and click apply.   This should fix all of your problems you may have while trying to play our game, if none of them work, don't be afraid to ask with screenshots of the error you are receiving. Happy Running.~  


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  1. Application: Name: Sofyan In Game Name: Azel Age: 18 Location/Timezone: Indonesia (GMT+7) How long have you played TR? : it's been 8 years when I played hero tales and other mobile games How long have you been a part of the TR community?: I have been 9 years old GTR community on 13 June 2017 What qualifies you for this position?: -I can speak 3 english, malay, and indonesia i will play at night so that outside country can follow event that i made -I will obey the rules made by gm -I can give you an idea to create the event Have you ever been a GM on any other TR Server or Game?(Non-TR games count): I have never What would you do if there was an argument in the event room? I'll get them to make up if they still fight then I'll give a warning and if my warning still makes them argue then I will kick them from the room and continue the event How would you handle beggars? I will talk to him to try to get what you want if not achieved means that you have not sustenance you, but you can try again with other gm event Scenario:you are told to host a gm event What event would you host? How would you advertise the event? How would you determine the prizes?: the type of event I will hold or I create is; -20p for those who will collect 3 points to win the event -group, dispute, forum and fanart where the winner will be announced by the server for a gift I will make a screnshot set that I will give Why should we hire you over the next person?: I will tell the event on discord ofc, and for the forum event I use translate to translate the language -because I am passive in english want oral and writing I will tell people who do not know english, and i help handle players out of state -I know all these servers and I will also make them all also know all these servers Which color Piero suits you & why?: piero santa,because i want to choose piero angle and devil already have that so i see piero santa with cool and funny form so i want to have it
  2. goodluck
  3. #AGA for GM, good luck #President