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      Game fixes.   01/10/18

      Good day runners.~
      We've noticed not all of the community has access to Discord, these fixes are available there - and now here to help all of you.                       Solutions to xtrap will be blue, missing files will be in red, bugs will be purple, problems in game will be in green, server/network issue will be in yellow for easy navigation.

      PLEASE NOTE; SOME THINGS ARE BUGGED OR NOT USABLE IN GAME DUE TO REMOVAL. - Arin is not available in game, some users have it because arin was a feature in game in the past and has not yet been removed from those accounts. Some equipment/gear in alchemy is uncraftable , you may be able to ask the Admin to send those items to you if you prove you have all materials necessary if the set is in the Database. The store in game is mainly bugged, the admin's are working to fix this so please be patient. "Newbie Quest" is a feature in game, yet it is bugged and cannot be completed. The "Megaphones" you receive from boxes and capsules to use the function SHOUT are bugged - the only usable ones are the megas you can purchase from the IG shop. As you level up, you receive an in-game level box you can find in your room. That box is slightly bugged, there is a forum post dedicated to being sent them incase they disappear! XTRAP Download the 'Fix XTRAP error [1/1/2018]' -- found here. http://www.globaltrps.com/web/?page=download What you'll want to do is download, and extract all the files inside of the folder you've downloaded and place them inside the GTRPS folder to commence.   XCODE FIXES
      08:0400: Right click your main-exe file, and change your compatibility mode to windows 8, when the prompt opens on your computer - run the game in the windows of your computer, not the compatibility you changed main.exe to.
      10:0300-10:0400- Double-check you have NO vpn active, firewall and anti-virus is disabled. Run one of our launchers to see if you need to patch the game , if that does not work then re-extract//download the XTRAP fix noted above.   MISSING FILES
      Sometimes your antivirus (when turned on) can delete some of your files in game, you can download them all below. 'Cannot find game file main.exe'
      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/400023938706702346/400096195126624256/main.exe 'Unable to load loginprompt'
      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/395762625801224193/395770378678566913/gltr.zip 'Unable to find the hosts file in system32>drives>etc'
      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/389958838314336256/390220744430452736/hosts To fix those errors, download and extract the files into your main game folder. For the hosts error,  download the file and put it in the destined position I mentioned above. system 32>drivers>etc and save normally without a text document. Proceed to open game afterwards, error should be gone if done correctly.   SERVER/NETWORK IS HAVING AN ISSUE.
      This is due to having an out-dated client, to fix - make sure to open one of the launchers and allow it to patch before continuing to play. Our server also blocks some ips, so try using a VPN ( such as vpn gate. ) -- another reason could be the game server is down and players are unable to login. Have patience if so!   IN GAME ??? WHILE IN YOUR ROOM: This is due to your system locale, changing your locale will NOT affect your computer or systems in any-way. To fix, go to your control panel>region>admins>change system locale(unicode program) to korean. If done correctly; it'll ask you to reboot your computer. MISSING MAPS/CHARACTERS: I've lately seen alot of players with this error, you're likely to get kicked out of maps saying unable to load, or not equip any gear/sets on your characters.  To fix this, make sure to run your main.exe or launcher you're using as administrator. Right click your main.exe or launcher>compatibility>run this program as an administator and click apply.   This should fix all of your problems you may have while trying to play our game, if none of them work, don't be afraid to ask with screenshots of the error you are receiving. Happy Running.~  
    • Sushi

      New Client -- 1/19/2018   01/19/18

      Hey Runners!
      You've all been asking us for new updates, and we delivered.

      This new update, is a completely new client meaning you'll have to re-download our game entirely using the following link.

      If you're wondering what makes it so special;
      - New characters
      - New maps
      - New sets
      - New levels
      - A different themed plaza, we've replaced the capsules with brand new ones and changed the lay-out.
      - A plaza event.
      - MORE items have been translated to English.


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  1. Welcome Runners, to the Traditional Art portion of the Art Contest! Here, you can post your art to enter yourself into the art contest! Remember that it must be TRADITIONAL, which means done on physical media such as paper and drawn with a pencil/pen, etc. For full information of the guidelines that you must follow, please refer to this. Be sure to leave your IGN along with your picture. The deadline to enter your art is 1/28/2018. Have fun~!
  2. Welcome Runners, to the Digital Art portion of the Art Contest! Here, you can post your art to enter yourself into the art contest! Remember that it must be DIGITAL, which means done on a computer or even a tablet/phone if you choose so. For full information of the guidelines that you must follow, please refer to this. Be sure to leave your IGN along with your picture. The deadline to enter your art is 1/28/2018. Have fun~!
  3. Hello, hello Runners of all shapes and sizes! To start off the group of New Years events, we have a little something for you artsy folks to try and participate in! All are welcome to join, so don't be discouraged! Staff are not allowed to enter this contest. This event will take place from: 1/14 ~ 1/28 As stated in the picture, the contest will be divided up into TWO groups, one being digital art, and the other being traditional art. This will allow all players a chance at being able to prove their art skills and win some cool prizes! Top 3 Runners in each category will win a fabulous prize! Be sure to double check the guidelines! PRIZE: Let's see what you've guys got!
  4. English character voices were last given out as a reward to players who were online at a specific time. You will have to wait until it is sent out again.
  5. Greetings! Thank you so much for taking the time to put in an application for In-Game Moderator! I wish you luck on getting the position!
  6. Greetings, Runners! As some of you may have seen, the Global Tales Runner Discord server is gone! There has been a little bit of a mishaps, but we are back up and running! Please join us back again, as we would love to have all of you back in on the fun! Just click on this link below, and you will be back into the server! https://discord.gg/MM6uaqh Sorry for the inconvenience! Have an awesome day, Runners!
  7. Moved to the correct section. Also as for boxes goes you will have to wait for an administrator to help you with that, such as Trueno or Death.
  8. We are glad that your problem has been fixed! Please, enjoy Global Tales Runner!
  9. I'm stuck on the moon. :thonk:

  10. Very good luck to you!
  11. nexoncompany

    Copying someone else's application is definitely not a way to get accepted, just so you know.
  12. Good luck, fam. B)
  13. Thanks guys. You da bomb. <3
  14. Good luck, fellow Floridian!
  15. I'm back. <3 Name: Ryan (or call me Kyobi). In-Game Name: Kyobi. Age: 22. Location/Timezone: US(Florida) UTC-05:00 How long have you played Tales Runner?: Roughly eight or nine years. How long have you been a part of the Tales Runner community?: Throughout the eight or nine years, I have been with the TR community on and off through GPotato, OGPlanet, KTR and more. What qualifies you for the position?: My overall knowledge of the game can allow me to assist nearly anybody with any sort of problems, as well as my general mature attitude to stay professional and calm in any situation. Have you had any previous experience with being a mod? If so, please elaborate below: The only times I have been a moderator for anything was for old Maplestory private servers that are unfortunately now closed, though I can assure you that my work always gets done. What would you do if there was an argument in the game? How about in Discord?: An argument can lead to many different things, though generally in order to handle an argument, information will need to be gathered from the conflicting parties such as; how was the conflict started, and who/what is involved. As for arguments on Discord, they will be treated with swift action depending on the severity of the argument. I.E.; if an argument is breaking out over something like politics, they will be told to politely stop and if they wish to continue, then do so in each other's DMs. What will you do if you spot a player being rude/hacking/not abiding by the rules?: If a player is being rude to a person(s) they will be asked kindly to stop, and if they continue then actions will be taken accordingly such as kicking the player from a room/event. If a player is caught hacking, action will be taken immediately and will be brought to the attention of the admin/owner. Someone that is not abiding by the rules will be dealt with accordingly depending on the severity of which they are not following. Why should we hire you over the next person?: My overall knowledge of the game, ability to assist people swiftly, and as previously mentioned, general maturity to deal with any situation. I can and will put many hours into doing the job correctly. Thanks for reading loves~ <3